> Advantages of the Alternative Therapies Based on Quartz Crystals

Advantages of the Alternative Therapies Based on Quartz Crystals

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Nowadays, there are some alternative therapies based on quartz crystals. They are used in the treatment of all conditions that are characterized by physical pain - whether those be 'light looking' ones like headaches, or whether they be the most serious conditions like cancer (the pain that comes with it). How the quartz crystals find application in healing makes for an interesting study. It may not make sense to the person entirely schooled in western medical thought, but to the person with an appreciation of oriental medicine (which is often as effective as occidental medicine), the use of quartz crystals in healing would make perfect sense.

According to oriental medical thought (which is something that even western physicists agree with), our bodies are made of energy. In fact, our bodies -like all the other things in the entire universe are energy. It is energy which combines in particular patterns to form mass. We are all aware of the transactions through which mass can be turned into energy (like where a body is combusted to yield energy). So the idea of our bodies being bundles of energy does make sense. And like all the other energy in the universe, the energy that makes up our bodies is always vibrating. It vibrates at particular frequencies. And there are certain states at which it is said to be balanced. When our body energy is balanced, we experience sound health and peace. But when that relatively delicate balance of energy in the body is disturbed, we experience ill health and lose our peace.

Some materials have been known to have the capability to restore the balance of energy whenever it is lost. One of those materials is quartz crystals. That is how they come to find application in therapy. Their use is simply about passing them through the points in the body where the balance of energy seems to have been lost, thus restoring the balance and doing away with the illness arising from it.

Now there are a number of advantages associated with these therapies that are based on quartz crystals.

Firstly, the therapies that make use of quartz crystals are cheap. These quartz crystals are very easily available, and they don't really cost a lot of money. Moreover, once anybody comes to learn the basics of the therapy, the can perform it on themselves.

Secondly, the therapies that make use of quartz crystals are highly effective. They combat the various health problems from their roots (rather than superficially as is the case with most of the so-called conventional therapies that only address symptoms).

Finally, the therapies that make use of the quartz crystals are safe, as they are not intrusive. These are therapies that you make use of externally. They are not things that you ingest into your body, neither are they therapies that involve opening up your body and doing all manner of mechanical thing to it. The crystals and just passed over your body, and you start experiencing relief almost instantly.

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