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People seek alternative therapies for fibromyalgia for many reasons: a desire to avoid numerous prescription medications, the ineffectiveness of prescription medications, the number of unwanted side effects associated with them, or a desire for a more natural therapy for fibromyalgia are just a few.

On this page, we look at some of the currently available alternative therapies for fibromyalgia and some of the natural products that have helped some patients obtain relief.

But before we do that, we will first cover conventional treatment for fibromyalgia.

These typically include sleep medications, muscle relaxers and pain relievers. Doctors may also prescribe anti-depressants, anticonvulsants and/or reuptake inhibitors. It is not uncommon to see reports of patients that take ten or more different prescription medications.

And despite all of this, people search for alternative therapies for fibromyalgia and grasp at anything that may give them relief.

Acupuncture and hypnosis are being studied as natural therapies for fibromyalgia relief. Scientists are doing research in an effort to learn why acupuncture is an effective natural therapy for fibromyalgia for some people.

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that involves placing very thin needles in the skin at certain points throughout the body. Acupressure is a similar technique that does not involve needles, but applying pressure to those same points. It is sometimes recommended as one of the alternative therapies for fibromyalgia, because doctors do not understand exactly what causes the widespread daily pain that is the most common symptom of fibromyalgia.

And since conventional medications are often ineffective, may be addictive, and can cause numerous unwanted side effects, even doctors look to less conventional methods of treatment for the condition. As a natural therapy for fibromyalgia, acupuncture has been effective for some people and may be worth a try.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy and pain management therapy are sometimes used as alternative treatments for fibromyalgia.

Rather than relieving the pain, these therapies focus on coping with the pain, learning to relax the muscles, reduce stress and avoid negative thinking patterns that may make the perception of the pain greater than it actually is. These alternative treatments for fibromyalgia focus on the mind-body connection and, in particular, how the mind can affect the body. Cognitive-behavioral and pain management therapies have been effective for some people.

Massage and chiropractic therapy are sometimes used as alternative treatments for fibromyalgia. Many people think of chiropractors as back doctors but, in actuality, misalignment of the vertebra may press on nerves and cause pain in other parts of the body, so chiropractic therapy has become a highly recommended form of treatment for all types of chronic pain and may be an effective natural therapy for fibromyalgia.

The effectiveness of massage as a natural therapy for fibromyalgia is questionable. Some patients report that deep muscle massage is actually uncomfortable and increases pain.

Yoga, meditation, prayer and biofeedback have all been used for alternative therapies for fibromyalgia with varying degrees of relief reported. Yoga, swimming and other forms of regular, low-impact physical exercise may accomplish several things as a part of natural therapy for fibromyalgia.

First, regular exercise increases muscular strength and endurance. Second, endorphins released by the brain during exercise are natural pain relievers and mood enhancers. And third, physical activity increases blood flow and oxygen supplies to the muscles. A lack of oxygen in the muscles is believed by some to be one of the causes of fibromyalgia pain.

As natural therapy for fibromyalgia, many people have tried herbs, botanicals and vitamin supplements. Proper nutrition is also important in good health. Unfortunately, chronic pain often leads to depression in many people and, subsequently, they forget or don't care about eating right and taking care of themselves.

Some of the vitamins and minerals that may be considered as alternative therapies for fibromyalgia include B-complex, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. These recommendations are related to enhancing energy, mood and healthy joint function.

Sam-E is sometimes recommended as a natural therapy for fibromyalgia, but Sam-E can have unwanted side effects and should be used with care, as should St. John's wort and kava for depression relief. None of these herbal, botanical and vitamin supplements which are sometimes recommended as alternative therapies for fibromyalgia can relieve pain, but there is one botanical product which often can.

The mangosteen is a fruit that grows only in areas of Southeast and Central Asia and was used traditionally by native peoples in these areas to treat a number of conditions including pain.

Laboratory studies and chemical evaluation has shown that the mangosteen contain analgesics, anti-inflammatory agents and Cox-2 inhibitors, all of which are pain relievers.

Many people who have tried mangosteen supplements or juice as a natural therapy for fibromyalgia have reported amazing results. Of the many alternative therapies for fibromyalgia, mangosteen is one of the few that can address many different symptoms, not only pain, but also depression, fatigue, sleeping problems and lack of energy.

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