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Alternative Therapy For Lower Back Pain

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Back pain, most prevalently lower one is one of the common medical complaints, affecting almost eighty percent of the total population. Most of us suffer from an episode of this type of pain during our life span, but sometimes after an incident, the probability of experiencing pain might become episodic. This type of pain can vary from slight, constant pain to an unforeseen, severe pain. If it occurs suddenly and lasts from a few days to few weeks then it is called, acute back pain. But if it persists for more than a three months then it is considered as chronic.

In this regard, it is indispensable to take the help of a professional health care practitioner. The popularity of alternative therapy has progressively increased, and now it is considered as the most reliable pain management treatment for lower back pain.

Pain Management for Lower Back

Lower back pain occurs due to muscle strain that can be prevented by altering lifestyle values, including weight control and most importantly regular physical exercises, staying away from smoking and opting for alternative therapy as the preferred way for coping with this type of pain. Alternative therapy is a holistic approach towards better health and includes various techniques like physical therapy, integrative manual therapy, craniosacral therapy and so on. Physical therapy is often prescribed to the sufferers of this kind of pain and a well designed treatment of it works best and can aid in speeding a patients recovery.

Alternative Therapy - Innovative Hands-on Technique

Hands-on techniques are the featured aspect of an alternative therapy that plays a key role in the management of lower back pain. It helps prevent long-term back problems by providing ease to muscle tension, relieving pain and improving muscle strength. Physical therapists provide special exercises that are specifically designed to strengthen back muscles, lowering pain and making your back fit and strong.

Massage Therapy - Effective Pain Management

Generally, the main purpose of physical therapy and hand-on therapies is pain management. Back message therapy is a satisfying experience for the sufferers of this type of pain. According to most of the health care practitioners, massage therapy is a legitimate and genuine aid for lower back treatments. A massage therapist provides gentle body movements that make you feel good and relaxed. Message therapy offers the following optimum health benefits:

• Helps improve blood circulation which in turn helps relieve muscle soreness from intense physical activity.
• Relaxes muscles which lead to an improved range of motion.
• Results in increased levels of a hormone endorphin, triggering the production of certain chemicals that help in pain management of the lower back pain.

Those who are suffering from back pain and seek pain relief should try alternative therapy for pain management. Its various techniques and therapies help minimize this pain, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and improve body posture. A physical therapist can provide you with various hand-on therapies and describe various ways to cope with your back pain.

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