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When To Consider Alternative Therapies

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As much as Conventional Medicine could not resolve many medical conditions, Alternative or Natural Therapy also does not have the answer for everything. Each has it's own sphere of effectiveness and in certain cases, they overlap.

Here are some of my thoughts on when to consider Alternative/Natural Treatments over Conventional Medicine.

a) When it's not an emergency situation, when the person's life is not in immediate danger. Many Alternative Therapies requires a period of time for results to appear. In times of life-threatening situations, stay smart and go for the Emergency Room.

b) When there is no known solution in Conventional Medicine for that condition or when the doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with you. For example, Mercury poisoning from Dental amalgams - it takes a certain amount of detective work to pinpoint this problem, and it's very likely that you have to be the detective.

c) When the alternative or natural solution had proven to work more effectively without side-effects over the Conventional Approach. Yes, you would have to study and compare, then you can make an informed decision. There is so much information available today, so all you have to do is look for it.

d) As Preventive Medicine. In this age of much exposure to stress, toxic substances and the consumption of food with low nutritive value, the probability of developing serious medical conditions is heightened. In my opinion, Preventive Medicine is a much better insurance to life-long health. There are numerous Natural Therapies available today to detoxify the body, build up the body's resistance to disease and also to strengthen our emotional health (which has a direct impact on a person's well-being). There is so much that we can do to keep ourselves at optimum performance that it becomes very difficult for disease to set in.

So remember, keep an open mind and study the options you have with regards to the medical conditions. I myself, turn to Conventional Medicine when that is the wiser choice. At other times, I use Natural Healing approaches when I know it can help me more. We can be independent-minded but we don't have to be stubborn when our health is jeopardised. What's important is to remain alive and be fully functional, therefore take advantage of the good in each sphere of medicine.

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