> 7 Tips On Selecting An Alternative Therapy Practitioner

7 Tips On Selecting An Alternative Therapy Practitioner

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Conventional medical practitioners do not spend enough time with their patient

You may have noticed more and more these days that there are time constraints when you go to see a conventional medical practitioner. This is because of economic reasons. The doctors have to churn patients to make profit. So in this minimal time spent with the patient, the doctor does not have time to look at the patient's problem in a holistic way because our health condition is the product of our lifestyle choices, exercise, diet and environment conditions.

Alternative health practitioner's approach is holistic

Alternative health practitioner's approach, on the other hand, is stark contrast. They look at the physical and spiritual health of the body as a whole. This is imperative when we need to heal the cause of the problem so that it goes away for ever and that too with natural ways.

So how do you select an alternative therapy practitioner who will offer knowledge and understanding of complementary and integrative modalities?

Some tips are below:

1. Trained in Alternative Medicine

When selecting a practitioner keep in mind which personal or professional referral led to that practitioner. What is his area of specialisation and experience of treating patients with similar problems. Do you trust that source, do you have trust in the selected alternative practitioner. Do your homework - research their credentials, their professional organisations or hospital affiliations.

2. A Holistic Approach

Make sure in the content of the appointment sufficient time has been allowed for questions on physical and mental health like diet, exercise, stress levels, lifestyle habits etc. The visit should address you as a whole and not just address the symptom. So find out the number of patients the practitioner sees per day and how much time is spent with each patient.

3. Office Hours

How far in advance you need to make an appointment and typical working time in the office.

4. Office Location

For example accessibility to public transport, parking, etc.

5. Informative and open approach to appointment

It is important that the health practitioner is open and honest and asks relevant questions and offer options and opinions in a considerate manner. This will put your mind at ease and make you more informed and relaxed about your appointment.

6. Just the medicine is not the only solution offered

Because an alternative therapist looks at the cause of the health condition and not the symptoms, that means looks at the body as a whole, he should offer not just the herbal supplement or a therapy session. He should also give additional supportive recommendations as well about particular diet or exercise etc.

7. Recommendation

Only when you trust the health practitioner, believe in him and trust his practice would you ever recommend him to others. So ask yourself,"Would I recommend this practitioner to my family or friends?" If the answer is "yes" then you are on a winner.

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