> Alternative Therapies to Help With Haemorrhoids

Alternative Therapies to Help With Haemorrhoids

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Haemorrhoids are quite a common condition and something that many people will suffer from. Conventional medicine offers a number of over the counter remedies that will treat the symptoms but will not really address the cause of the problem. For that reason alternative therapies may be able to offer you the solution you are looking for. In this article we are going to consider what haemorrhoids are and also alternative therapies that could be of real benefit to treating them.

What are Haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoids is a condition where the veins around and inside the bottom become swollen and can suffer bleeding. People who suffer from them can have itching in the bottom area as well as pain in the same area especially when sitting down. You could also suffer pain while passing stools and also see blood on the toilet tissue or in your stools. Many people find that if they treat the symptoms the haemorrhoids will clear up on their own. However if you want to speed up the process then you may want to try some alternative therapies to help.

Alternative Therapies for Haemorrhoids

There are a lot of therapies that people will claim are useful for haemorrhoids however some of them are better than others. We have put together some details of the most effective alternative therapies for haemorrhoids and some information about how they can help:

1. Herbal Medicine - this is one of the oldest forms of medicine and there is a lot of documented evidence to suggest they can help haemorrhoids. In addition they have the added benefit of being easily available from pharmacies and health food stores. Some of the herbs that are thought to have a direct effect on haemorrhoids include witch hazel, butcher's broom, horse chestnut and Japanese pagoda tree. It is thought that herbs can not only offer your relief from your symptoms but can also help to clear up the haemorrhoids when used correctly.

2. Acupuncture - this is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that works on energy flow, meridians and acu-points in the body. By stimulating the correct points with needles then energy can flow freely around the body and bring it back to health. Although in the western world we may not understand acupuncture a number of studies have looked at its effectiveness on haemorrhoids. The results have been so promising that it has been endorsed by the World Health Organisation as a treatment for haemorrhoids so is definitely worth considering.

3. Homeopathy - this is relatively controversial particularly considering the fact that it will no longer be available on the NHS. However a lot of people have experienced significant help from homeopathy and so could be worth trying. It works by prescribing medicines that contain elements that cause a condition to help fight it which is the complete opposite to the way conventional medicine works.


There are a large number of alternative therapies out there and so it is important to find one that works for you. We have put a list together of ones we believe to be effective that does not mean there are not others. If you are going to use alternative therapies then it is important to do your research on how the therapy works. It is also a very good idea to do your research on a practitioner and make sure they have the relevant qualifications and experience to treat your condition.

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