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How to Use Email to Sell Alternative Therapy Products

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There are a number of ways in which you can use emails to sell alternative therapy products, none of them involving spam, and all of which can be very effective marketing techniques. However, of all of them there is one specific method that you can use to reach as many people as possible.

First, let's get one point absolutely clear. You cannot spam people with unsolicited emails: doing that could result in the ruination of your business and your email service being withdrawn, so never email anybody that has not given you permission to do so. That is the purpose of what is referred to as a 'squeeze page' on which you offer visitors the means to permit you to email them when you have a reason to do so.

However, before you have a squeeze page on which to promote your alternative therapy products, you must have an autoresponder to operate it. There are several good autoresponders online, although the two most popular are AWeber and Getresponse. You might also have one supplied with your web hosting service, but make sure that it has the functionality needed and can handle large lists.

By 'functionality, it is meant that the autoresponder should enable you to design a web form that enables visitors to enter their name and email address that is then added to an email list specific to that website. If you have two websites, each should have its own list, and if you offer several complimentary therapy techniques you could also have a different list for each of them.

However, this is not about building lists, so I will finish by suggesting that you can advertise your squeeze page in the resource box in article marketing campaigns and in any other form of online advertising such as using social networking sites such as Face book and YouTube. You can offer incentives to fill in the form, such as a free report, eBook or course that can be delivered on completing the form.

Your autoresponder will look after all of this for you. You must also state above or below the form that you will send them emails from time to time. That covers you from the accusation of spamming because by submitting the form they have given you permission to email them.

Now to the email marketing. You have your list of people that you can email. A good idea is to offer a course of 7 -10 parts, each of which you should send from around 3 - 7 days apart. Your course should offer good information, but also include a link to the sales page of your alternative therapy product.

Very few emails are opened these days, and once opened most are immediately closed. In email marketing your main job is to get the mail opened and then make it stay opened. To get it opened you must write a compelling subject line. It's no good just using "Buy My Alternative Therapy Products" because it will not be opened. Far better would be:

"Amazing New Alternative Therapy Technique" or

"These Natural Health Products will Horrify you" or

"Health News to Astonish You"

These might just catch the eye of an interested member of your list, and make them open it. In fact, without a catchy Subject line, not many in your list are liable to open them - keep in mind that people on your list are like the rest of us: list or not, they likely receive dozens of spammy emails every day, so you must catch their eye.

Once opened, your first sentence must keep them there. Don't just write:

"My new alternative health products are the best you can buy".

That's no good: it has to be just as catchy as your Subject line, although maybe a bit more specific now the email has been opened. Something like:

"I have an astonishing new product that will solve your problems: and it won't break the bank!"

Something like that. It might not be 'very cheap' if you mention the price right now, but once you have detailed its benefits, then it might just seem cheap enough to make them buy. So:

"I have a fabulous product at only $299" will end with the email being closed right now!

But, "Life Coaching can bring you success beyond your dreams: learn how below" might just keep them reading.

So the way to use emails to sell alternative therapy products is NOT to email everybody in sight with mass mailings that will get your mailing service withdrawn, but to develop your website using good SEO and article marketing to attract visitors. Offer these visitors something in return for their email address and then email them regularly with your offers using a regular course as a pretext, and then mass mail your entire list with good information that includes a link to your sales page.

Make sure your Subject line is attractive, and that your opening sentence keeps them with you. Then, you have a chance to persuade them, and the longer your website is online then the more people will be continually joining your list - even when you sleep (as they say). Alternative therapy products are no more difficult to sell online than any other, and you can use emails to do it.

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